Travel Medication Container

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Are you someone who struggles to remember to bring your emergency medications and/or PRNs while traveling? Our Travel Medication Container with affirming affirmations is designed to make it simple for you to remember and take your medication with you. With a convenient key chain and twist lid, it's the perfect addition to your travel essentials or to add on to your keys!

Product Details:

  • Quote - It's okay if you need extra help. Love from For Your Mind Boxes. With a heart.
  • 2 colours in metallic purple and metallic blue
  • Twist lid to keep your medications safe
  • Size - 5cm x 1.5cm 
  • Comes with a key ring

For Your Mind Boxes encourages you to read the disclaimers on their website before purchasing and using this product.

MEDICATION DISCLAIMER - always speak to a medical professional before taking any medications. Take your own medication as prescribed by your health professional. Do not take medication that is not prescribed to you. If you are at risk of taking more than prescribed, please contact a Helpline or emergency service for support. 

For Your Mind Boxes suggests that our products be used with guidance from your mental health care professional. Our products should not be solely relied on for your Mental Health treatment. This product has been recommended and tested by a range of people with mental ill health and used them alongside their Mental Health Care professionals advice.