About Us

For Your Mind Boxes was created by Kim and David, two best friends who live in regional Victoria, Australia. This is how For Your Mind Boxes was created.
In 2020, a lot of small businesses were popping up online, especially gift boxes and I loved seeing all the different types there were. I noticed there were a lot of health ones but there was nothing for mental illness. As someone who has experience mental illness for 13 years, I saw an opportunity and started doing some research. I came to David with the idea and he was excited and wanted to help make my vision come to life. 
I wanted to create something that could help people in a different way as I know that people struggle with not knowing what to say to someone when they're not okay. I thought about how every person has a different love language and some people don't know how to say the things their loved one may need. I remembered when I needed someone but nobody knew what to say or do for me and how something like this would have helped the people in my life to communicate how they felt. Flowers and cards are great but what about giving useful tools and resources that can help a loved one through a difficult time?
And that's how For Your Mind Boxes started.
I did a lot of research over the next few months, including conducting surveys to ensure I included products that were inclusive of everyone. What works for me, doesn't work for everyone so it was important to me to get as much feedback as possible. We created 5 boxes and 2 products and we are so excited to share them with you.
Our boxes and products can be given as a gift or they can be purchased for yourself, we encourage both! It is important to give love and support but also show yourself love and support, you are important too. We have also created a box for the carers and mental health professionals to say thank you for all their hard work. 
So we hope you enjoy our boxes and products! We have so many ideas and more boxes and products will be released throughout the year! We appreciate any feedback and suggestions on how to make the boxes better! 
Enjoy and please read our disclaimer, it is important that you do not rely on our products as your only support, it should be used in line with your mental health care professional.