Temporary Tattoos - Colour Them In

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An interactive way to self-soothe through mindful colouring. But on your skin! 

A commonly promoted skill for those who engage in self injurious behaviour when distressed is mindfulness colouring or drawing on their skin. These temporary tattoos combine those two skills, allowing you or your loved one to turn a maladaptive behaviour into a piece of art. Add a set of washable markers on our product page to provide you with the option to reuse the tattoo multiple times.
*please note, tattoos can last from 24hrs to a few weeks dependent on skin condition and use*



Disclaimer - This product is recommened to be used in line with your professional supports and we will not be held liable for miuse, accidental or intentional injury. This product is only a recommended coping strategy and will not work for everyone. It is not a fix or solution and you should alway seek help if you feel unsafe in yourself. We can recommend some helplines and support services if you need support with these thoughts and urges. Please be safe.