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Collect them all and keep track with Sand Bagger Posters!

Inspired by 90's and 00's collections you'd find in chip packets and cereal boxes, we have created these adorable Stickers and eye catching Posters for your Sand Bagger collections! They are the perfect way to track your Sand Baggers just like we did as kids!

Collaborating with Reminders by Amber, who illustrated each Sand Bagger design and Kim who designed each Poster, we have worked together to make these Stickers and Posters to help you keep track and get your excited about collecting our number 1 most popular Fidget and Sensory Tool of 2024!

Product Information

  • Each Sand Bagger design was drawn by Reminder by Amber
  • Each Poster was designed by Kim from For Your Mind Boxes
  • Printed in Australia on 250gsm premium paper
  • A5 Size posters

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