OCD Strategy Cards

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These 30 OCD Strategy Cards are based on the creator's personal experience with OCD and include effective strategies and reminders for personal recovery.

The different topics on each card include:

  • The OCD Cycle
  • Exposure + Response Prevention (ERP) Explained
  • What does OCD Recovery Look Like?
  • 7 R's of Recovery
  • OCD Affirmations
  • OCD Coping Statements
  • More Coping Statements
  • Gradual Exposure
  • Helpful Distraction and Purposeful Redirection
  • Delaying the Compulsions
  • Specific Exposures
  • Scripts to Help Resist Compulsions
  • Response Prevention
  • Challenging Intrusive thoughts
  • Naming the Thought + Having a Reminder Object
  • Accepting Obsessions
  • Talking back to OCD + OCD Voice in Recovery
  • Don't Click Into It Technique + Maybe, Maybe Not Technique
  • Reminders for Recovery
  • Encouragement When Recovery Feels Tough
  • Letter to OCD
  • Things that Help Build Confidence in Recovery
  • Relapse Prevention Tips
  • Creating an OCD Recovery Tracker + Visualisation / Guided Imagery
  • Journaling
  • Self Care / Self Compassion
  • ABC PLEASE Skill
  • Reach Out

Product Details:

  • Designed by someone with lived experience of OCD
  • Handmade in Australia
  • Laminated cards
  • Metal hinge ring attached
  • Pastel colours

Disclaimer - For Your Mind Boxes strongly recommends that our boxes are used alongside with your mental health care professional. Our boxes are an assistive tool that can assist and support your Mental Health but should not be relied on. Each item was recommended or tested by someone with lived experience and has helped them alongside their mental health care professionals advice.