Daily Planner Notepad - Task Dump and Time Blocking

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This daily planner notepad includes a designated 'Task Dump' for writing to-do lists, along with 3 coloured boxes to organise tasks from most to least important. It also features a daily 'time block' schedule for planning out your day, which can be beneficial for neurodivergent individuals.

The notepad includes a 'How to use' sheet that provides detailed instructions for utilising each section of the notepad, as well as an 'Example copy' sheet that showcases a completed example.

Product Details:

  • A5 Size
  • 50 Sheets
  • Easy to understand headings and guides
  • Designed and developed by someone with lived experience of ADHD
  • Notepad backing is made from thick recycled cardboard.

Disclaimer - For Your Mind Boxes strongly recommends that our boxes are used alongside with your mental health care professional. Our boxes are an assistive tool that can assist and support your Mental Health but should not be relied on. Each item was recommended or tested by someone with lived experience and has helped them alongside their mental health care professionals advice.