Perfectly Imperfect - My Emotional Support Drink Bottle

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We know we aren't the only ones who have a favourite drink bottle or cup that makes the drinks taste better.

We have your next favourite drink bottle! You'll be taking these stylish tumblers with a sealed lid and straw with you everywhere.

- 16oz capacity
- Comes with lid and straw
- Clean before use
- Hand wash only
- Do not microwave or heat in other appliances.

Disclaimer - this drink bottle is simply a drink bottle and does not replace professional supports for your Mental Health. Please seek professional advice for any mental health issues and support. Please do not rely on this drink bottle. 

For Your Mind Boxes suggests that our products be used with guidance from your mental health care professional. Our products should not be solely relied on for your Mental Health treatment. This product has been recommended and tested by a range of people with mental ill health and used them alongside their Mental Health Care professionals advice.