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Amber has curated a Toolbox with all of her favourite Tools from For Your Mind Boxes?

Who is Amber? Amber is a long term customer and now our very first Brand Ambassador! Amber was already making amazing content for our small business and we wanted to support her amazing efforts and support she has given us.

We noticed how a lot of her social media followers were trying to recreate her orders so we ask Amber if she would be interested in creating her own Toolbox! She was so excited and of course found it hard to choose but has built the ultimate Toolbox that features a range of her favourite Tools to use during hard times but also encourages her to utilise skills she learnt in DBT. Amber loves grounding techniques, practising self compassion and of course, Sand Baggers, which are featured in a lot of her social media posts!

Amber wanted to make this box affordable for all so we have discounted it AND added FREE Standard Shipping within Australia!

This Toolbox includes:

  • 100 Days of Self Compassion Journal
  • A6 Mind Dump Notepad
  • 5 Sense Grounding Technique Magnet (visuals)
  • Rainbow Scratch Art Sheets
  • Twisty Fidget Tangle (picked at random, requests are welcome)*
  • Acupressure Ring (picked at random, requests are welcome)*
  • Sand Bagger (picked at random, requests are welcome)*

Plus optional

  • Mirror Affirmation or 3 Affirmation Stickers (Stickers chosen at random)
  • 16oz Affirmation Cup

Amber has also suggested a few other Tools you could add to this box, including but not limited to:

If you have any preferences (colour, scent, taste etc.), allergies or have any triggers we should know about when packing your order, please let us know. We are happy to make adjustments!

* Picked at random! If you have a preference, please leave us a note and we will do our best to accommodate your request.


Disclaimer - For Your Mind Boxes strongly recommends that our boxes are used alongside with your mental health care professional. Our boxes are an assistive tool that can assist and support your Mental Health but should not be relied on. Each item was recommended or tested by someone with lived experience and has helped them alongside their mental health care professionals advice.