TikTok Games Night


Friday the 31st of May for a fun night with a Pick or Pass Boxes! 

Tickets will go on sale from May 30th. Tickets are limited! 

Then head over to our TikTok page on Friday the 31st for our Live event to play along with us!


Can I order with my NDIS?

For this event, you will be NOT be able to use your NDIS funding for the $75 Boxes due to some of the prizes being 'luxury and everyday items', meaning they do not fit the 'reasonable and necessary' requirement set out by NDIS. 

You CAN use your funding for the $30 Boxes but you MUST email us your NDIS information, even if you think we have it, send it again via email please.

Can I use a discount code?

No, you cannot as these items are already discounted and we have ensured you are getting a lot of value for each ticket and prize. If for some reason a discount code has worked due to a website error, we will send you an email and invoice to pay the difference, sorry for the inconvenience.

I found you through Amber and/or Becca and want to use their code!

That's amazing that you found us through them! Leave us a note at checkout that you found us through them so we can let them both know! Ambers and Beccas discounts does not expire or have limits so you can use that code any other time! 

Why is it only on TikTok? I don't have TikTok!

We know this will be disappointing for some but TikTok is the place to hold these games nights and where we got the idea to do one. They run really well on there and we have made the decision to do it on this social media platform. In the past, we have held almost all of our giveaways on Instagram so it's TikTok's time for some love!

We want to give you enough notice so you can download TikTok before May 31st!

Why do I have to join the live?

To join in the fun! Each game is interactive for us and you as the viewer and purchaser. With the Pick or Pass Boxes, you will be given a choice between 20 Boxes, we will show you the number you have chosen and you can 'pick' it or 'pass' it. We will show you 1 more box and then you choose between box 1 or 2 that you saw to keep. We will need you present in the live to play along. If you miss your name being called out, your order will go to the bottom of our list and you won't have as many choices. There is NO Spin the Wheel or Lucky Dips this time.

Any other questions? Let us know and we will answer them before tickets go live on May 30th!

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