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What is a Toolbox? It is a box filled with different coping strategies and techniques, self-care items, soothing products and tools to use during a hard or difficult time. 

We have created this Toolbox around the 5 senses grounding technique. We have included a range of resources and products for each sense to help bring you into the here and now by using your senses. Some products will enhance your senses and others will help to desensitise you. 

Have you heard of the 5 senses grounding technique? It's a grounding technique that mental health professionals use to help ground someone and bring them into the here and now. You name things that you can hear, see, smell, touch and feel, bringing you into the present. It is easy to do on your own as well and has been highly recommended to us over the years.

Sensory Toolbox Includes - 

  • All of our Magnets with the 5 Senses Grounding Technique and Breathing Technique
  • Sight option including; A4 print from Something Cool Art, Sticker Pack from Brooklyn Bee Designs, Colouring Book, Puzzle Book or Diamond Art, 
  • Sight Eye Mask
  • Hearing Music Box 
  • Hearing Ear Plugs
  • Smell Scented Candle from Aromas by Rhi
  • Smell Essential Oil Roll On from Enaid Essence
  • Touch Scented Doh from Are You Ok Shop
  • Touch One of our Favourite Fidget Toys
  • Taste Lolly Bag with different textures and tastes 
  • Taste option including; Slices from Springhill Farm - twin pack, Tea Bags from Tea Tonic or Beef Jerky from The Original Beef Chief 

Add a personalised card (from Brooklyn Bee Designs) to any order for $4 or we can include a short message on a white sticker.

If you have any preferences (colour, scent, taste etc.), allergies or have any triggers we should know about when packing your order, please let us know. We are happy to make adjustments!


Our boxes should be used in line with your mental health care professional and should not be relied on. Each item was recommended or tested by someone with lived experience and has helped them alongside their mental health care professionals advice.