Ice Cube Tray

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This Ice Cube Tray is an evidence based distraction technique for those who are prone to self-injurious behaviour. This technique was taught by a range of mental health professionals. It offers a sensory sensation to help regulate emotions and reduce negative thoughts. Simply place an ice cube in your hand or along your arm to benefit from the calming effects.

This technique does not replace therapeutic supports and it is encouraged that users speak to mental health professionals before adding this technique to their toolbox. This technique must not be relied on solely as an alternative to self-harm and For Your Mind Boxes will not be held liable for damages or injury caused by misuse or mistreatment. 

For Your Mind Boxes suggests that our products be used with guidance from your mental health care professional. Our products should not be solely relied on for your Mental Health treatment. This product has been recommended and tested by a range of people with mental ill health and used them alongside their Mental Health Care professionals advice.